Manufacturing Technologies


At its industrial plant SECAN carries out the whole steel manufacturing process: moulding, melting and casting, shot blasting, deburring, heat treatments, monitoring and machining.

The company avails itself of automated moulding installations for sand moulding in no bake process and chemical moulding, with robotics and manipulators for weightless handling, recycling of moulding sands of a mechanical and thermal type, melting in INDUCTOTHERM electric induction furnaces, shot blast systems, Electrical heat treatment furnaces, deburring machines and machining equipment based on CNC technologies.

The No bake process results in superior surface finish and perfect sand reclamation solution.

These industrial processes are underpinned by modern systems for managing production planning: ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), MMS (Maintenance Management System) and Standardised systems for managing Quality, Environment and Safety (ISO 9001)( ISO 14.001 and OHSAS 18.001 Proposed).

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